10/31 Radio Ad (Version A)

We released two more radio ads this week. You can preview the first below:

Sixty Seconds (Version A)


Matt:  Hello, I’m candidate Matt Bliss.  I’ve been going all around this district the past few months, meeting people at their doors and at community events. Listening.  Learning.  And sharing my vision for our great state.  I’ll tell you I’m amazed at our people and our stories.  I’m amazed at both the challenges we face and the opportunities for our future.

Recently I was at the door of a retired citizen who seemed defeated and ready to give up.  His property taxes are just too much; he told me he has no choice but to sell his home and property that he worked his whole life for.

Stories like these are heartbreaking, but this is why I’m running for state representative.  I believe we can do better for ourselves, for our kids and for future generations.  We can do better together.  That’s why I’m asking you to vote for me, Matt Bliss, on Tuesday.  Together we can put Northern Minnesota First.

Announcer: Prepared and Paid for by Vote Bliss 2016

Matt:  I’m Matt Bliss and I appreciate your vote on November 8th, Thank you

Vote! Tuesday, 11/8

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