New Radio Spot – Healthcare (Surprise Billing)

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Hello, this is state Representative Matt Bliss. Two years ago, area citizens elected me as their State Representative and asked me to fix the problem of rising health care costs.

In addition to stopping and reversing rising healthcare costs in the individual marketplace, we stopped the practice of surprise medical billing. Families in our area went to the hospital and assumed their insurance would cover the procedure, only to end up being hit with thousands of dollars in unexpected medical costs.

That is what we call surprise billing and it can be downright devastating to families.

The good news is I worked hard with fellow Legislators to successfully put an end to surprise billing in our state.

We went to bat for Minnesotans and passed a new law prohibiting surprise billing. This will provide people with peace of mind so they can spend their energy healing instead of worrying about what to do about unexpected bills piling up.

I am State Representative Matt Bliss and I remain committed to lowering the cost of healthcare in Minnesota and I am asking for your vote on November 6th.

Vote! Tuesday, 11/8

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