New Radio Spots – 10-3 – 60 Second

We’re Happy to announce another pair of radio ads, have a listen here:


ABBI:  Did you hear the news?  Health insurance premiums are going up AGAIN – by over 50 percent this time!  As a stay-at-home mom whose husband owns his own business, we have to buy our own health insurance, and I can’t believe how much they’re raising rates – by hundreds of dollars a month on top of last year’s crazy increases!  We’ve got to send someone different to St Paul to fix this mess, and that’s why I’m voting for Matt Bliss.  Matt Bliss understands working families like ours can’t afford to keep paying more.  Matt Bliss will stop wasting money on the broken MNsure website.  Matt Bliss will fight to end ridiculous bonuses for failed MNsure executives.  And Matt Bliss will work to cut the MNsure premium tax.  He’s on our side, and it’s about time.

MATT:  Hello, I’m Matt Bliss.  As your representative, I will fight to lower health care costs.  Let’s Put Northern Minnesota First!

ANNOUNCER:  Prepared and Paid for by Vote Bliss 2016

Vote! Tuesday, 11/8

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